With the musical resonance of its name and its irresistibly retro lines, Django is a scooter that seems to want to re-write history more than half a century later: a history of style. Standing firmly on its 12" wheels, Django seems to project itself like a flagship with its rounded rear wings with slashes for the three air intakes, its extended body, its retro dashboard, inviting upholstery, flat foot-board and numerous storage compartments.
With 24 colours in the catalogue, three types of rear-view mirror, seven different saddles, bright aluminium or chrome body trims and a unique light signature, Django is customisable to the extreme. With no fewer than 118,000 combinations, everyone can create a scooter that matches them.


Compact and economical, with sharp looks and great handling, the Citystar is a slick mover in the city. And when you need to get out of town, its 200cc fuel-injected engine offers plenty of performance for the open road. Combining the best features of maxi-scooters into a compact body for urban use, the Citystar is incredibly well equipped.
Powered 200cc motor, its engine performance is matched by its braking power. The Citystar provides power and control on demand. Weather protection is provided by the streamlined windshield and fluid, wrap-around bodywork.


LISTEN THE INSTINCT FOR INNOVATION - Perfectly proportioned and balanced, Peugeot Metropolis suggests dynamism, modernity and quality through flowing lines, ethereal silhouette and elegant interplay between materials. Discover the Peugeot Metropolis from its first sketch to its first laps.
Peugeot's Metropolis incorporates cutting-edge technology combining comfort and safety. The vehicle is equipped with a tyre pressure sensor that reports any anomaly. This system ensures that road-hold and consumption are always optimal and tyres are always perfectly inflated.